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A Leading Mechanics Expert  - Yasunori Sato   
Cutting edge & unique baseball clinic completely different from previous ones

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Pitching Clinic (Private Lesson)


Age:For ages 10 and up
(Anyone & everyone interested is welcome)

Any players cannot move their body perfectly.

Once learn how to utilize it efficiently, can improve velocity with less force and then command gets better and loads on throwing elbow and shoulder gets less.

The expert on baseball mechanics sure will develop player's performance.

The reason why an expert on mechanics is required for players' improvement

Analysis ability & knowledge for root cause

When coaches improve player's mechanics, if they just do it with only their experience, feeling and imagination, it won't work out. It might work, but it doesn't in most cases.

As some body segment affects other segment's motion through joint using muscle and bones, there's a reason or cause that the mechanics becomes like that.

Coaches need to have an ability to have an insight of root cause as well as knowledge of physics and anatomy.

Process to improvement

When patients come see a doctor, the doctor can tell the method/process how to cure the disease/symptom, and prescribe medicine precisely. However, there's a case in which the disease gets worse or doesn't heal at all, because the doctor has never fixed it up and he managed to prescribe it with doctor's pride. It goes same way for coaches. You need to find the cause of problem and can see the process of how and where you fix to resolve the problems. If you just chage the motion without any grounds, you will train player in improper way and the player's performance wouldn't get better or it would lead to that the player keeps getting injured.

Technical Coach who can change all players

If you don't understand properly about physics and body on mechanics, you can't improve all players mechanics. That is, as you transfer energy to ball eventually in pitching/batting, it is important that the way of generating and transfering energy where and how generates power, how transfers it. Even if you are just ex-professionals or played for top-notch team, you can't fix the motion dramatically. Also, as there are so many misunderstandings in baseball such as "Stand properly on back leg", "Shooto is bad", "Top", "Hip First", "Swing your arm", "Push with your back hand", it happens that player's performance doesn't get better even if you change the motion. The true technical coach is who can change any players' mechanics.


Improve all players with outstanding analysis ability and instruction for body motion!

BMAI is baseball clinic for this kind of baseball players

  • Want to get better than rivals
  • Want to play for professional team
  • Want to bring back unspoiled velocity
  • Don't want to hurt throwing elbow/shoulder
  • Want to know pitching/batting mechanics properly
  • Want to improve velocity and command
  • Want to lean breaking balls
  • Want to learn how to utilize body properly
  • Want an expert to instruct me

BMAI can fulfill these wishes

Pitching/Batting Clinic (Private Lesson)


※ You will get a complimentary private lesson if you hook up others or collaborate with us as a monitor!

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Profile of BMAI Representative




Master's degree of sports science at Tsukuba University. Belong to Sports biomechanics Lab. Research baseball pitching and breakingballs.


2011/2012, 2013/2014

Technical analyst, Perth Heat in ABL. Won ABL championships and advanced Asia series.



Team manager and interpreter, Gunma Diamond Pegasus in BC League.



Video analysis, MLB Australia Academy.



Technical analyst, Australia Women's National team at 2014 Miyazaki Worldcup. Won bronze medal.



International Associate Scout, Pittsburgh Pirates.

Merits Instructed at BMAI


Anyone Can Improve

I've engaged in technical analysis with ex-major and minor leaguers. As I'm an expert on mechanics, I know where I should fix the bad body motion. Since I provide well-founded coaching based upon mechanical and anatomical analysis, I can improve players without any questions.


Private Lesson

A player can have more instruction time than group lesson. As I can instruct explicitly, the player gets way better. The cost is cheaper than group lesson considering with the instruction time for coach.


Can Review Anywhere

Check out mechanics in details with high-speed video camera. Uploading the videos to cloud system, you can review it on your phone or tablet anywhere.

Pitching/Batting Mechanics Clinic Contents

※Please warm-up before clinic starts.

Video Pitching/Batting

Video pitching/batting at multi angles with high-speed video cameras.
Analysis and Comment

Analyzing video, comment on how you utilize body and specify the problems and resolutions.
Improve Body Motion

You will understand how body works while the problem is being resolved. Need to use your brain as well as your body.


Confirm Problems and Improvement Points

Summarize the lesson on improvement points and existing problems for you to review at home.

You can check it out on new web system. Please review it on your PC, tablet and cell phone.


Before and After Clinic


↓  An Hour Later  ↓ 


As he stands up on back leg taking a balance and the translational motion didn't generate momentum at all, instructed him to drive his center of gravity properly. He got to step further and generated more momentum than before, he understood more about the translational motion and it totally has become very effective one. Instructing pelvis and trunk movement, the way throwing arm is swung has been improved dramatically, the release point has been brought further close to batter. He learnt the mechanics from driving body to throwing arm swung just in an hour, and not only the velocity went up but also he got to throw a pitch with which he can strike batters out.

Professional Coaches and Players


Graeme Lloyd

Montreal Expos
New York Yankees '99 Won world series


Brooke Knight

Milwalky Brewers


Virgil Vasquez

Detroit Tigers
Pittsburgh Pirates
Minnesota Twins


Mike Ekstrom

Sandiego Padres
Tampa Bay Rays
Colorado Rockies


Luke Hughes

Minnesota Twins
Auckland Athletics


Matt Kennelly

Atlanta Braves


Alex Burg

San Francisco Giants
Miami Marlins


Warwick Saupold

Detroit Tigers


Brendon Webb

Baltimore Orioles


Mychael Givens

Baltimore Orioles


Kevin Grendell

Baltimore Orioles


Zach Staniewicz

Baltimore Orioles

Cutting Edge Services


Analyze all breakingballs with this price!

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Why breaking ball doesn't move as you want?
Two-seamer doesn't move as you think...
Slider doesn't break as you think...
Splitter doesn't drop sharply...
Want to learn new pitch...
there are many players who suffer from the breakingball movement.

This is because you misunderstand about breakingball and there's no other way for coaches to teach it other than from their sense.

That is, there's no way to find the cause. We BMAI offer cutting edge, unique service for those kind of players. Analyze baseball revolution data which determines breakingball movement, find the cause why it doesn't move, help players out to improve/learn it.

Pitching Biomechanical Evaluation

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In respective phase in pitching

  # Where body motion's problem exists
  # How you should move body to improve velocity and command
  # How you should use body efficiently
  # There's a risk on throwing arm

A specialist on mechanics analyze and evaluate pitching from viewpoint of biomechanics and offer analysis report with about 10 pages

Pitching/Batting Mechanics Video Analysis


Only this price for all three analysis!
You'll be checked several weeks after training based on the advices.

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We offer a service to those who cannot often come to clinic, which is analysis of pitching/batting mechanics from video. A specialist on motion mechanics summarize how to use body efficiently, problems and improvement points, and explain it as easily as possible. Please send us comments of what you suffer from, that you don't know what to do, that you want to be like this, etc, along with the video.

*Please video from four angles in slow-motion. If it's difficult, it'd be fine from possible angles.

Pitching/Batting Mechanics Clinic Locations

Sumida, Tokyo   Monday, Saturday 17:45~21:45

(2min Walk from Hikifune Station on Tobu Skytree Line)

Kokubunji, Tokyo   Sunday 18:00~21:00

(15min Walk from Kokubunji Station on JR Chuo Line)

Kumagaya, Saitama   3rd Saturday 18:00~21:00

(10min by car from Kumagaya Station on JR Takasaki Line)

Narita, Chiba   (Start from July)


Please feel free to contact us on other schedule or locations of clinic.

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